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Deadwood Design - Special Techniques for Bonsai by Andrés Bicocca

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Produktnummer: 1691-en
English Edition

Edition BONSAI ART 2023, 170 pages, size 21 x 30 cm, softcover

Many bonsai prominently display deadwood as either complimentary or even as a major focal point adding both value and quality to the tree. Deadwood is often found on specimens collected from the wild consisting of wounds or stumps occasionally from pruning operations or just natural forces. Andrés Bicocca’s credo is to transform these somewhat unsightly features, which some might view as problem areas, into particularly interesting and natural focal points. Using tools partly of his own design together with highly refined techniques, this Europe-based Argentinian achieves outstanding results on deadwood that have made him famous throughout the bonsai world and popular as a workshop teacher and demonstrator. In this book, Andrés shares his knowledge, skills and philosophy, illustrated with numerous examples and detailed photographs.