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Chrysal Slow-release Fertilizer for Rhododendrons and Hydrangeas (300 g)



· High-quality raw material for a long-lasting blooming
· High-quality nutrients for a healthy growth
· Additional magnesium and iron for vital plants
· Humidity and heat regulate the release of nutrients
· Handy packaging with dispenser for comfortable application
· Encapsulated nutrients protect from overfertilization and leaf burning
· High efficiency thanks to minimal flush out
· With very little product, maximal blooming result

One single treatment per season.

When to fertilize
From March to August

· To promote blooming: regularly remove withered blossoms (Rhododendrons only).
· Care: frost-free watering, in Winter also.
· Location: acid soil (low pH value).
· Soil: Chrysal Soil for Rhododendrons & Hydrangeas with low pH values.

NPK-Fertilizer with MgO, S and urea formaldehyde 15+7+14 (+2+9), chloride-poor

15,0% N total nitrogen
2,6% N ammoniacal nitrogen
7,4% N ureic nitrogen
5,0% N urea formaldehyde
1,8% N soluble in cold water
3,6% N soluble in warm water only
7,0% P2O5 water- and neutral ammonium citrate soluble phosphate
5,0% P2O5 phosphate soluble in water
14,0% K2O potassium oxide soluble in water
2,0% MgO total magnesium oxide
2,0% MgO magnesium oxide soluble in water
9,0% S total sulphur
9,0% S sulphur soluble in water
0,04% B boron
0,15% Cu Copper
1,0% Fe iron
0,15% Mn manganese
0,007% Mo molybdenum
0,04% Zn zinc

50 % sulphur-polymer encapsulated nitrogen.
Total long-term effect components: 75%

Storage and security information
Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a dry place.
Due to its iron-content, the product can cause rust stains on sensitive surfaces!


Standard-Soil (4 litres)
4,90 EUR
(1,22 EUR/liter)
 Standard-Soil (4 litres) - www.bonsai.de