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Mineral bonsai fertilizer (Mairol) (500 ml)



Liquid mineral fertilizer with vitamins, hormones and trace elements.

NPK 3 + 7 + 5

Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B2 Biotin

With ist low nitrogen content Mairol Bonsai-Fertilizer is exactly adjusted to the peculiar growing conditions of these delicate trees.
The increased percentage of water-soluble phosphate and potassium oxide contributes to the the strengthening of tissues and increases also the resistance of the plants. Trace elements, phytohormones and vitamins complete the formula and protect against diseases and pest infestation.

* From May to October: once a week
* During the resto period: once every 4-6 weeks
* Dosage: 2 ml in 1 litre of irrigation water

500 ml concentrate for 250 litres ready-to-use nutrient solution.

3% N Total nitrogen (35 g/l)
[2,8 % Ammonium (33 g/l), 0,2 % Nitrate (2 g/l)]
7% P2O5 water-soluble phosphate (82 g/l)
5% K2O water-soluble potassium oxide (59 g/l)
0,02% B water-soluble boron (230 mg/l)
0,005% Cu water-soluble copper chelate (56 mg/l) - EDTA
0,13% Fe water-soluble iron chelate (1.521 mg/l) - EDTA
0,02% Mn water-soluble manganese (230 mg/l)
0,001% Mo water-soluble molybdenum (12 mg/l)
0,002% Zn water-soluble zinc (23 mg/l)
chloride and biuret free