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HB-101 (liquid)




HB101 is a highly concentrated, growth enhancing plant vitalizer from Japan. Ionised calcium and sodium, as well as extracts gained out of ceddar, pines, cypress and plantain belong to the components.

It is non-toxic, eco-freindly and suitable for either conifers and deciduous trees.

By spraying it on the foliage the efficiency of photosynthesis will be directly improved, which strengthens the plant noticeably. Once on the soil, HB-101 supports root formation and the activity of vital micro-organisms in the soil. Thus, nutrients can be better absorbed.

1. Before planting, sprinkle the soil with a diluted solution of HB-101 three times at weekly intervals. Use 100 cc of diluted solution for a 991 m2 area, 10 cc for a 99 m2 area, and 1 cc for 9.9 m2 area. Within those soils to which HB-101 is applied, beneficial microorganisms rapidly increase in number.

2. Soak seeds, seedlings, and cuttings in a 1/1,000 solution.
- Seeds and beans: 10 seconds, leaf vegetables: 3 hours, flowers and fruits: 12 hours
- Seedlings and cuttings: 1 minute to 12 hours
- Bulbs and seed tubers: 1 to 30 minutes

3. Sprinkle a 1/1,000 solution three times at weekly intervals when sowing.

4. After planting, use 100 cc of HB-101 for a 991 m2 area, 10 cc for a 99 m2 area, and 1 cc for a 9.9m2? area.
For sprinkling onto the soil, dilute to a concentration comprised between 1/1,000 and 1/100,000.
For sprinkling on the leaves, dilute to a concentration comprised between 1/1,000 and 1/10,000.
Application: daily to monthly. We suggest a standard interval once per week.
Dilute 100 cc of HB-101 with water to a concentration comprised between 1/1,000 and 1/100,000 for a 991 m2 area .
[Example] : With a 1/1,000 solution, 100ml per 991 m2 area.

5. Use a 1/100,000 solution for hydroponic culture and paddy fields.

6. It is advisable to mix HB-101 with water but it can also be mixed with liquid fertilizers and other chemicals. (However, it cannot be mixed with oils and alkaline solutions.)

Sodium: 41mg/l
Calcium: 33mg/l
Iron: 1.8mg/l
Magnesium: 3.3mg/l
Silicon: 7.4mg/l
Nitrogen: 97mg/l