Wound sealant - Lac Balsam (200 g)



Artificial bark for closing wounds and pruning cuts. It hardens after application, making it particularly suitable for wounds in the root area. An application on the trunk/branches is only partially recommended, as the product does not remain elastic and eventually breaks and falls off due to the growth of the tree.
Ready to use.

Apply immediately after the cut or the appearance of a wound to the clean spot. Cover the wound with 2 cm of sealant. Check the wound area every 2 to 3 years and reapply if necessary.
Can be used all year round; do not use on rainy or frosty days, or before frost nights and frost periods.

45 % aqueous copolymer dispersion
Residual constituents: 40 % mineral fillers, 5 % dyes and technological auxiliaries, 10 % water

200 g tube