Takagi Sprinkler



Solid Metal Sprinkler that comes as a set with a connector

This 3 arm circle sprinkler (comes incl. a 13 mm (1/2") connector) waters a round surface extremely equally. Therefore it is especially suitable for smaller lawns, allotment gardens or terraces. The metal arm can be taken off easily for cleaning. By regulating the water pressure, the size of the radius being watered can be decided: Around 1 bar for a radius of 2 m, about 4 bar for a radius of 6 m.

Irrigated area can be regulated using water pressure:
1 bar: approx. 25 sqm
2 bar: approx. 80 sqm
3 bar: approx. 95 sqm
4 bar: approx. 120 sqm
Metal arm can be taken off for cleaning.

Dimensions: 184x67x258 mm

Made in Japan