Takagi Premium Hose Reel (20 m)



Demountable hose cover
Side of crank lever switchable
Very smooth hose
Inner hose diameter: 12 mm
Premium Nozzle (Handy Type) included

Dimensions: approx. 25 x 37 x 40 cm

Made in Japan

The Premium Hose Reel 20m comes with a demountable cover that protects the hose from sunlight. You can pull out the hose very easily without getting your hands dirty. The special structure and coating of the hose ensures that it will not stick together and neither kink nor twist when rolled up. As the hose cover is demountable, you may choose where the side with the crank should be placed.

The Premium Hose Reel 20m comes as a set including supply hose, connectors and the new Premium Nozzle (Handy Type).

The hose reel is ideal for the irrigation of small gardens, terraces and balconies.

The 2 connection options allow fixed position and mobile irrigation. The soft, kink-resistant hose and shower can be completely rolled up.

In addition, the extendable leg provides high stability. The compact design allows for easy storage.

Extremely light weight, yet very stable and easy to use!