Leptinella potentillina, ca. 2 jaar (1-5 cm)



Bot. Name:
Leptinella potentillina
2 Jaar
1-5 cm

Afbeelding vergelijkbaar.

  Tips voor de zorg

Outdoor bonsai are mostly plants that are native here too. These trees need to be placed outdoor all year round. They need the change of seasons.

The plant can be pleaced both in a sunny and in a partially shaded location. The sunnier it is, the more water it needs.

This plant has an average water demand.

Correctly maintained, this plant forms blossoms.

This tree is a deciduous tree.

Plants with this symbol are "evergreen". They never throw their leaves / needles completely.

Plants with this symbol are sensitive to frost and must be strictly protected from cold temperatures.


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