Masakuni Wire-Cutter (S-Series, 220mm)



Size: 220 mm
Weight: ca. 155 gr.

Stainless steel with hard chrome-plated blades/nose.

The S-Series of the Masakuni Tools (Japan)has a characteristic feature. You can sharpen the blades in closed state. With this feature its guaranteed that the blades will still match after several times of sharpening the tools

Aluminium Wire: 4 mm
Copper Wire: 3,2 mm
Iron Wire: 2 mm


Rust Eraser
8,50 EUR

 Rust Eraser - www.bonsai.de
Ballistol Oil (50 ml)
3,95 EUR
(79 EUR/Liter)
 Ballistol Oil (50 ml) - www.bonsai.de