Grinding / sharpening stone, double-sided



Grinding stone made in Japan, to sharpen your Bonsai tool.

Granulation 240/120

This two-sided grindstone is ideal for getting your frequently used scissors ready for the next cut. With the coarser side, the blades can be sharpened well and brought back into shape if damaged, e.g. from wire cutting. The fine side is particularly suitable as a sharpening stone to maintain the sharpness. You only need to remove the blade carefully at regular intervals and you will notice that your scissors will cut longer, better and with less effort.

For further care of the tool we recommend the Ballistol Oil, which has also been used for decades for cleaning and care of weapons, knives and swords.


Ballistol Oil (50 ml)
3,95 EUR
(79 EUR/Liter)
 Ballistol Oil (50 ml) - www.bonsai.de