Water testing

For a small fee we test the salt content of your irrigation water.

Water testing is extremely important when using well or tap water because the amount of salts contained in these two types of waters is usually such that your bonsai risk to become too salty and then die. If you use rainwater, a water analysis is not necessary!

If you want us to test your water, please send us a small amount of water (50 ml is enough). Please make sure that you choose a container that is as clean as possible so as not to falsify the water sample.

If you personally come visit us with a sample of your water, we will examine its salts content for free and give you additional tips!

Costs per water sample: 3 Euro

Care / Holiday care

If you are going on holiday or your bonsai has a health problem, you are welcome to entrust us with the care of your tree.
We take care of your plants at fair conditions!

1 week of care costs 2,00 € per plant.

Winter care / Overwintering

You can also entrust us with your plants for overwintering. 

1 month of winter care costs:

  • up to a pot length of 35 cm: 5,- Euro
  • from a pot length more than 35 cm: 10,- Euro

Care instructions for free download

Many care instructions for indoor and outdoor bonsai to print free of charge!
Just click here!