Birchmeier Aquamix 1.25 V



Fertilizer mixer for private use.

Pressure water connection min. 1.5 bar to max. 5 bar
Precise dosing of the liquid fertiliser (dilution 1 % = 1 litre of fertiliser is sufficient for 100 litres)
4 Concentrations selectable 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0
Higher water flow rate: at 4 bar new 14 l/min (previous version 6 l/min)
Simple rinsing with neutral position (no addition of fertiliser to the water = pure flowing water 14 l/min)
Handle can be swivelled relative to container
Quick and easy to install (quick-release fastener and screw cap)
Robust, handy device for commercial liquid fertilizers
Maintenance-free, easy to clean
Aquamix 1.25 v for liquid fertilizers and EM products (effective microorganisms)
Suitable for wetting agent H2Gro
Not suitable for nematodes