Ballistol - Resin Remover (600 ml)



Effective cleaner for burnt-in resin residues, extremely economical and easy to use.
For saw blades, planers, chisels and other resinous tools.
Foaming up - no drops
Without enzymes, bleach and hydrogen peroxide.
Water miscible, easily biodegradable.
With spray head.

Spray on the surface and let it work for a few minutes. In case of heavy soiling spray again, then wipe off. After cleaning, apply Ballistol Universal Oil to neutralize the resin solvent and preserve the tool. This protects it from rust and new dirt can be removed more easily.
When using it is recommended to wear protective gloves.


Ballistol Oil (50 ml)
3,95 EUR
(79 EUR/Liter)
 Ballistol Oil (50 ml) - www.bonsai.de